Why Solar is the Most Reliable Form of Renewable Energy?


Effective conservation and usage of renewable energy is the critical part of reducing our carbon footprints. With drastic climatic changes occurring in the past few decades, it has become vital to choose alternative energy sources.

With continuous depleting fossil fuels and the effects they are causing to the environment due to its over-usage, adopting the renewable form of energy is important to fulfill our current and future generation needs.

Renewables have seen significant growth in the past few decades. With growing technological advancements it has become easy to store and utilize various naturally available resources.

Few reasons Why Renewable Energy is Vital for Human Survival:

 There is a reason why renewables are vital for human survival. Without proper conservation of these resources, the future of humans will be doomed.

  • Various naturally available resources like sun, wind, geothermal energy are an inexhaustible source of energy and will never get exhausted.
  • With continuous depletion of fossil fuels, the cost of non-renewables is increasing continuously.
  • Renewables do not release any harmful greenhouse gases, thus preventing our environment from pollution.
  • Most of the renewables are locally available and can contribute to the growth of a community.

There are primarily five types of renewable energy available;

  1. Solar or Sunlight energy
  2. Hydropower
  3. Wind energy
  4. Geothermal energy
  5. Biomass energy

Out of all these brilliant natural resources, solar energy is the best alternative form of energy. It is abundant in most part of the world and various technological advancements have made this clean source easily accessible.

 Why is Solar Energy the Best Renewable Resource?

Our planet receives an incredible amount of Sunlight. When compared to other renewables, solar energy is easy to harness, abundant in quantity and can be utilized locally.

The amount of solar energy the sun sends towards earth in one minute is enough to fulfill the entire world’s energy demand for one year. This gives you a brief idea of how important it is to conserve this energy.

Solar power is used primarily in two forms: – Thermal and Photovoltaic.

Thermal systems convert sunlight into heat and apply it to generators to produce electricity. Photovoltaic systems are made up of a material called silicon which releases electron when it interacts with sunlight and produces electricity.

Each renewable sector is witnessing growth due to various economic policies and optimized technologies, but solar is winning the marathon of being the best alternative form of energy.

Here are the top four reasons why we need to embrace solar technology

  •  Solar Energy is Nature-Friendly

 Going green has become vital in the last few years, with greenhouse gases causing havoc in environment, it has become important to look for alternative resources. Solar is one of the cleanest energy we can consume. Unlike other non-renewables, sunlight doesn’t release any harmful substances when producing energy.

Fossil fuels release harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur and nitrous oxides in the atmosphere. But with solar energy, we eliminate the risk of various environmental problems like the risk of acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, health-related problems caused by pollution and many more.

  • Solar Equipment is Durable with Good Life-Cycle

 Installation of solar systems is a one-time investment, even though the initial costs are high, the cost is well worth considering its durability. Most of the solar equipment has a life cycle of a minimum of 25 years. Since there are no dynamic parts, there are very few instances of parts undergoing wear and tear.

The solar panels manufactured today are extensively tested and are capable to withstand various climatic conditions. Most of the solar equipment comes with long-term warranties.

  • Solar Energy is Reliable

 When compared to other renewable energy sources, solar is the most reliable one.

The solar panels are perfectly designed and arranged to receive maximum sunlight and store the energy to provide continuous output.

Especially in the case of rooftop solars, the energy generated and supplied in the same building preventing the loss of energy through the transmission. Since your building is connected to the grid, the excess energy produced is pushed back into the grids.

Unless your surrounding faces some severe climatic changes, solar panels continue to provide its desired output.

  • A High Return on Investment

 Installing solar is a one-time investment. As soon as you install a solar system, your dependence on traditional electricity ends. Your electricity bill gets reduced considerably. Your current electricity bill charges you on monthly basis, even though the initial cost of installing a solar system is high, after a certain period of time your monthly installments exceeds the total cost of the solar installation.

Since the solar energy market is surging continuously, having solar panels installed on your rooftop will yield you a higher ROI in that area. This means that you not only earn the benefits while using your solar system but also earn you money while selling the house.

In conclusion, we would like to say that solar energy is the energy of the future. As solar is entering into a transitional era, we hope to see new inventions and equipment with great efficiency and reduced costs.