How Solar Energy Is Impacting Our Society in A Positive Way


Solar energy is the fundamental source of energy for earth. All the energy forms we consume on earth are in one or the other way affected by solar energy. The root of all weather patterns lies in sun. Sunlight hits the equator directly and hence the region is hotter than the poles, resulting in major pressure difference. This pressure difference gives rise to wind energy. The sun is primarily responsible for evaporation of water and the rain cycle. Sunlight also plays an important part in photosynthesis and transpiration in plants and trees.

Importance of sun in the natural resources was known even in the pre-historic period. But it was only a few decades ago that we were able to harness this solar energy to fulfill our daily needs. 

When Was The First Solar Panel Made?

 It was in 1839, that a scientist named Alexandre Edmond Becquerel observed the photovoltaic effect via an electrode in a conductive solution exposed to sunlight. But it was more than 100 years later on April 25, 1954, that Bell Labs announced the invention of first practical purpose solar panels. Since then, there has been continuous inventions and methods utilized to improve the efficiency of solar panels. 

Why Solar Is The Best Renewable Energy?

Usage of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy is harming the environment and causing a rise in global temperatures. Governments with various solar energy companies are trying to find a renewable and clean solution to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Out of all the renewable sources available, solar is leading the renewable chart globally. It is a clean, sustainable, source of energy and can even be harnessed locally using small solar energy panels. It is due to this reason that solar energy has boomed in the last few decades.

Can Solar Energy Really Save The World In Future?

Yes, solar energy can really save the future;if the government, researchers and solar energy companies can find an efficient way to utilize solar energy and reduce our reliance on fossil fuel. Solar energy is already said as the energy of the future and continuous efforts are been made to make that happen.   

How Solar Energy Is Impacting Our Society? 

  • Solar energy reduces air pollution

Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases in the environment. The greenhouse gas is the reason why the earth temperature is rising at a dangerous pace. The gases get trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and absorb the outgoing heat from the planet – thus increasing the temperature.

Solar energy doesn’t emit any greenhouse gas while producing energy. Many countries are trying to adopt solar energy as their primary source of energy. This will considerably reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Conservation of resources

 Solar panels directly convert sunlight into usable energy; we don’t need any additional resources to harness this energy. Nuclear and coal power plants require gallons of water to convert the energy into usable form. Besides, solar panels don’t require any additional water to cool the solar apparatus and hence there won’t be any risk to local water bodies.  

  • Reduce the strain on non-renewable fuels

Earth only has a finite amount of non-renewable source of energy. As the global population is continuously rising, fossil fuels are depleting at a fast pace, as the global consumption of these resources is increasing day by day. It is vital for human existence to think about an alternative source of energy. Solar energy is abundant in nature and as we slowly adopt this infinite source, we need to find methods to increase its efficiency.  

  • Prevents the environment from getting affected by mining

 Majority of fossil fuels are obtained by deep mining and are often devastating to the local environment. Heavy equipment, waste products, and heavy disruption of local habitats often end up with devastating results. This also leads to soil pollution meaning that the land becomes barren and unsuitable for use once the mine is no longer for use.

Mining is also dangerous for workers who work there. Hence using solar as the alternate fuel eliminates the danger for both miners and the environment.  

  • Jobs in the Solar sector

 The solar energy sector is more labor dependent than the fossil fuel sector and thus capable of providing more jobs per unit of energy produced. As the solar sector is booming, there is huge investment potential in this renewable sector. From research, manufacturing, distribution to installation, the network of each such channel will be reinvented once solar energy becomes the prime energy resource. 

  • Reduce our reliance on Nuclear fuel

Nuclear power plants do not emit any greenhouse gases while energy production but they are still a great threat to the environment. A nuclear fission reaction is unpopular because of all the radioactive waste it produces. The radioactive waste must be treated effectively before it is released in the atmosphere. This conversion of radioactive material takes a huge amount of energy and thus increases the cost of per unit of energy produced.

Using solar energy will reduce our dependency on such nuclear fuels and help us create an environment free from radioactive waste.  

  • Generating Energy Independence

 Nations who are reliable on other countries for their energy supply are always beholden by their suppliers. Also the import duty increases the cost of energy produced. Solar energy is almost available to the better part of the world and hence capturing that energy will reduce a country’s dependency on other nations.

Also, solar energy panels are robust in nature and the distribution network can effectively handle natural calamities like earthquake and hurricanes.


Solar energy is the future and hence it is beneficial for human society that they soon start adopting this form of energy. There are not many downsides for this renewable resource. The technology is flexible and can be produced both on a large and small scale. The versatility of solar technology is that they can be used to create panels for large solar energy fields and also small rooftop solar system for homes.

Overall, substituting solar energy with fossil fuels will have a positive impact on our society.