Going Places with Agni | Interview With Ishani Sawant, Adventure Pro

Ishani Sawant, Adventure Pro

We are very excited to announce our first ever #interview blog series with ardent trekkers and hikers from all over the country. We have always admired their resilience and their ability to battle all odds despite the extreme weather conditions and challenges they face on a regular basis.

We will start the series with a multifaceted individual who has an immeasurable love for the mountains and lives to explore new places and cultures – Ishani Sawant. Here’s getting to know more about her travel experiences and suggestions for aspiring hikers.

Interview with Ishani:

Question 1: Tell us a bit about yourself (2-3 lines)
A1: I am an adventure sports professional and teach outdoor skills, sea kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking in the US, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Thailand. I love the mountains and oceans and am spreading my love for the outdoors by getting more people into it.

Question 2: How do you balance regular life and your love of adventure?
A2: I have shaped my life so that I can pursue adventures. Just shifted to Manali so that I have better access to the Himalayas and when I am not in the mountains, I share my stories via motivational talks and presentations at clubs and corporate events.

Question 3: Who’s been your biggest inspiration and why?
A3: The rock cliffs have been my biggest inspiration. They have shaped my personality and made me what I am. I have learned to push myself, take risks and be in the moment through rock climbing.

Question 4: How do you decide where is next on your travel itinerary?
A4: There are so many projects. On every trip to a new place, I note down what interests me and make it a point to plan properly and then go for that climb. It also is based on the season. In the rain, I shift my plans very often. I am usually very flexible with my itinerary and prefer slow travel.

Question 5: What has been your biggest challenge while trekking?
A5: Last month we went to Mun Peak, which is above Dharamkot. People usually attempt it from behind, where the glacier is. We attempted the front face, an ice gully leading to the summit. As we were reaching the top, we got caught in an Avalanche. There was a river of ice chunks flowing down the whole gully. It was a deadly moment. We both are happy to have survived this.

Question 6: One useful travel tip for Trekkers
A6: It is important to consider our human impact on nature while we camp and trek in the mountains. It is a must to bring back all your garbage, follow environmental ethics and sustainable practices. Travel light, use of solar devices is one of the best ways I have found to help me make eco-friendly decisions. Solar Products that I use, by Agni Solar, are durable and super convenient.

Question 7: Your one advice to women who want to travel solo.
A7: Plan and prepare thoroughly. Have a contingency plan. Be adaptable and ready to accept a change of plan. The current situation has forced us to be adaptable and hence proper planning is helpful in all of this.