Let the sun power your home.

Now, </br>pay less for </br>energy.

pay less for

Turn to solar power for all electricity and heating requirements of your home, and enjoy lower, or almost negligible, rates. For life. With Agni Solar Power, use more and save more. Install a solar system in your home, so you start saving right away.

Are you paying</br> a high price</br> for comfort?

Are you paying
a high price
for comfort?

Hot water is a basic necessity, which unfortunately can be expensive if availed through traditional water heating methods. Turn to the power of the sun for your residential or commercial water requirements and benefit from instant hot water all year long, at practically no cost.

Cut  out,</br>the power cuts. </br>For good.

Cut out,
the power cuts.
For good.

Power cuts are a part of your life, and you have to schedule everything around the possibility of a power outage. With solar energy, there are no more power cuts. The sun is always shining. And when it is not, alternate back-ups are available.

Solar Rooftop

Turn the heat on!

Hot water, whenever you want it? All year through? Without the accompanying hefty electricity bill? Not a dream, but reality. Hot water 24x7 Agni Solar can give you the pleasure of hot showers and the convenience of hot water for cleaning in the kitchen. More and more homeowners are turning to solar heating for their residential needs. VIEW PRODUCTS Warmed swimming pools Don’t give up on swimming in the winter simply because of the temperature, or lack of it. Use solar energy to warm up the water. VIEW PRODUCTS Cooking with the sun Solar cookers can help create more nourishing meals. This pollution-free and environmentally-friendly method of cooking actually makes the food taste better. VIEW PRODUCTS

Let the sun run your home.

Power your whole house and pay hardly anything for it. Every homeowner dreams of that. Solar power helps you do that. Solar Electricity The new Photovoltaic technology enables solar panels to harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity for your home. Use as much as you want, pay as little as you need to. It’s natural, it’s almost free and it’s always available. And when it’s not, alternative back-ups are available to make sure your life never stops.

Three steps for cleaner and cheaper electricity!



We go over your property and suggest the optimum solution, taking into account the direction of the property, the exposure to the sun and other factors.



We take care of the complete installation process, using our tried-and-tested technology, with the best trained professionals.



Whether you’re a new solar power user or have an existing system, we offŸer you a complete Annual Maintenance Contract that will take care of any issues, should they arise.


Switch to solar, </br>and then switch on.

Switch to solar,
and then switch on.

Going solar is really simple. In a few steps you can go from high electricity bills to a more economical, ecological way of living.

  1. Get a quote from us
  2. Sign up with us
  3. Wait for our design
  4. Spare a day for installation
  5. Switch it on

Clover Park View society

“Once we signed the AMC with Agni, we have stopped worrying about the system. Their qualified engineers visit us like clockwork and conduct a thorough inspection. We have renewed the contract thrice already and we don’t see a reason to change the service.”

Hiranandani Constructions Ltd.

"Agni Solar has been installing solar water heating systems for our residential projects at Thane since 2004. We keep going back to them for installations at our new buildings and I think that speaks for itself."

Kishore Suplekar

Hiranandani Constructions Ltd.

We have installed a solar PV system with battery back-up at our bungalow over 5 years ago. It takes care of most of our lighting and fan load. We are proud to be a solar power producer and self-sufficient in our electicity requirements.

Shrikunj Bungalow

"We'd like to thank Agni for their professionalism, savings on our power bills and helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.We would also like to recognise their competent staff Ajit. If we had a question or concern about installation, product knowledge or warranty issues they were very responsive and accommodating.We would highly recommend them for installation of solar power in households."

Aneeshya and Mohnish Aurora


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