Let the sun work for you.


The sun makes
good business

With solar energy, you are closer to reducing your overheads and getting rid of the worry of unexpected bill amounts.
The sun is always shining. And when it is not, the battery back-up will take care of your need.


Invest in your
business, not your
electricity bill!

High electricity bills can be a huge drain on your business finances. With ‘everything on’ all day long, you are looking at a lifetime of paying whopping electricity bills, every month, month on month.


Is your business
running up high
electricity bills?

Work never comes to a stop. And neither does the consumption of electricity. Computers, servers, telephones, leased lines, air-conditioners, tube lights, fans – all essential components of comfort and all culprits in electricity consumption.

The sun is shining on your business.

Turn to solar power for all electricity and heating requirements of your workspace and enjoy significantly lower power bills. More and more companies today are relying on solar heating for their commercial needs, hence creating a brighter future for their businesses.

Here are some business that can benefit from solar water heating systems:


Industries can have various applications such as boilers and steam generation units which require heated water inputs. Solar systems can provide a constant supply of hot water at affordable rate. The canteens and cleaners can also use hot water on demand.


Guests expect the comfort of hot showers and hot water on demand. Your kitchen and your laundry rooms, too, can benefit from the ease with which hot water is available.


The kitchen, the cleaning and the sterilisation, all require a continuous supply of hot water that only a solar water heating system can offer, without the accompanying bills.

Real Estate

Residential complexes are home to a lot of people, who need hot water through the day and in large volumes. So it only makes sense to install solar water heating systems to reduce the cost of boilers and electricity.

Sun power for your business.

Power your entire property and never have to worry about high electricity bills.What business would not want that? Say yes to solar power today and start benefiting from the power of the sun.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic (P.V.) technology enables solar panels to harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity for your establishment. Use as much as you want, pay as little as possible. It’s natural, it’s almost free and it’s always available. And when it’s not, alternative back-ups are available to make sure your work never stops.

Three steps for cleaner and cheaper electricity!



We conduct a site visit and suggest the optimum solution, taking into account the direction of the roof, the exposure to the sun and other factors.



We take care of the complete installation process, using best-in-class methods and well trained professionals.



Whether you’re an Agni customer or not, we offer you a complete Annual Maintenance Contract to look after your solar system.


Switch to solar,
and get empowered.

Going solar is really simple. In a few steps you can go from high electricity bills to a more economical, ecological way of doing business.

  1. Get a quote from us
  2. Sign us on
  3. Let us design it for you
  4. Spare some time for installation
  5. Switch it on


  • We have purchased a 15,000 LPD system from Agni Solar, in the year 1999 and are extremely satisfied with the product. The product is reliable with a very prompt service backup, and we would highly recommend the product to others in the future.

    Manish Tejani
    Dreamland Hotels
  • We are generating electricity above the estimates and saving huge amounts on our electricity bill. The online software provided shows us real time data in a user friendly and transparent manner. It also gives us environmental info such as CO2 emissions saved and corresponding trees planted. Kudos to Agni Solar for a great solar system, backed by high end technology and service.

    Building Cushman and Wakefield
  • “As an international centre in India, we were quick to adapt to using solar energy for water heating purposes. Many of our panels are almost 10 years old now. To keep them working and up to date, we put an AMC with Agni Solar in place. Since then, we have had very minimal issues compared to before. Whenever we do have issues with hot water not working, Agni is quick to visit, check and make the necessary fixes. Agni Solar has also helped in providing us with information about other forms of solar energy that we might be able to use at our centre.”

    Sangam World Centre
  • “Agni Solar has been installing solar water heating systems for our residential projects at Thane since 2004. We keep going back to them for installations at our new buildings and I think that speaks for itself.”

    Kishor Suplekar
    Hiranandani Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
  • “We are very happy with Agni’s solar water heating system installed at our Chakan plant since August 2012. It continues to perform well and save us energy costs.”

    Subhash Gadage
    Bajaj Auto Ltd., Chakan Plant
  • Agni Solar System Pvt. Ltd., Pune have installed & commissioned on grid rooftop solar PV at Gera Plaza, Pune as specified in our order. They have completed the work in time with quality as per our requirements. The system performance is good & we are satisfied with their work & service they have provided.

    Gera Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • We are more than happy & satisfied with the Agni Solar System Pvt. Ltd. They have installed & commissioned off-grid rooftop solar PV system at Precise Technofab India Pvt. Ltd. as per the schedule. Kudos to Agni Solar System Pvt. Ltd. for completing the project very well!!!

    Precise Technofab India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Agni Solar System Pvt. Ltd. have completed the installation & commissioning of rooftop solar PV system at Fimakem India Ltd. Agni Solar had completed their job in time as per our quality standard & order.

    Fimakem India Ltd.
  • Agni Solar System Pvt. Ltd. have successfully completed the installation, erection & commissioning of 149.50 KWp rooftop solar PV system at IILM Academy of Higher Learning College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida, UP.
    The scope of work includes design, supply, execution, testing & commissioning of all equipments required for on-grid rooftop solar PV system.

    IILM Enterprise LLP



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