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Solar Rooftop

Efficient & Cost Effective Solar Rooftop System

Solar Rooftop System – Just like you, the sun works all day, shining in all its glory. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the power of the sun to light up your residential and commercial spaces, all year through?

India is a country that enjoys abundant sunshine all year through but it is this very sunshine that makes us consume more electricity. We all use fans, coolers, air-conditioners and refrigerators 24 hours, and through the year, thus running up high electricity bills. Add to that the woes of unplanned power cuts and you are forced to depend on high cost, unreliable grid electricity.

Instead, switch to a Solar Rooftop System to harness the power of the sun and enjoy the benefits of clean, uninterrupted electricity at significantly lower costs.

Solar Rooftop

The sun is with you

At Agni, we recognise that our country is ideal for utilising rooftop solar electricity. The hot, bright sun, available nearly throughout the year, is just waiting to be harnessed by us. And we bring to you rooftop solar electricity systems that does just that. Not only do you enjoy lower electricity rates, but relying upon grid electricity is a thing of the past.

Solar Rooftop

Harness the sun
with Photovoltaic

Industrial solar panels and residential solar panels, both comprise of solar or photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert light energy into electrical energy. The PV cells of a solar rooftop panel is made up of P-N junction cell. When light (Photons) are incident on a solar cell, it gives energy to electrons which then moves to conduction band from valance band. This flow of electrons is known as current.

Why pay for costly electricity?

Solar Rooftop

Here’s how your rooftop can produce electricity to run your home

Most states in India have a comprehensive residential solar rooftop policy and you can use the power produced from your own residential rooftop solar system for self-use. Use your roof space or any unused land within your premises to install solar panels and begin producing electricity. Feed it back into the grid or, if you wish, store it in batteries for future use.

Called ‘net metering’, if you choose to feed the solar power produced during the day back into the grid, you will get credit for it in your electricity bill. Depending on your consumption and rooftop space, you can free yourself of utility power and enjoy free solar energy for life.

Solar Rooftop

Choose a plan that works for you

With a solar rooftop company that cares for your needs!

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You can purchase the equipment outright and get accelerated depreciation
which reduces your payback period substantially. After the payback period you are enjoying “free” electricity for the life of the system.



We can install a commercial or residential rooftop solar system completely free of cost to you. You will only pay per unit of electricity consumed, which would be substantially lower than the cost of grid power. We shall sign upto a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement with you, safeguarding you against any price rise.

Get the solar advantage today!

We are one of the few rooftop solar companies in India that curate your plan as per your needs and keep the process as transparent as possible

Understanding your needs

All you have to do it is fill out our Customer Information Report [C.I.R.]. This helps us understand your unique requirements. We can then recommend the right system to meet your need for solar heating. It’s short, simple and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Understanding what it costs

If you’d like to know the type / size of the system that you’ll need, our calculator may help you gain some clarity.

It can also help you estimate your savings and payback.

Please keep in mind that this is merely an approximation. Get in touch with an Agni Solar Advisor for an official calculation and quote.


Solar Fact

A rooftop solar system of 1KW saves 1 tonne of CO2 emissions per year.



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