Solar Inflatable Light 2S


The Agni Solar Luminaid Spectra is an extremely light, waterproof solar lantern that can float on water. It can be inflated when required and deflated when not in use. It has 9 brightness modes which include 7 distinct color modes, a white LED mode and multi-color fade.
It is perfect for trekking, camping and any outdoor excursion. It can also be used for emergency situations such as floods.


  • Push button for 9 modes. Includes 7 distinct color modes, a white LED mode, and multi-color fade
  • Recharges in approximately 10 hours of direct outdoor sunlight or 1-2 hours by USB input
  • Lithium-Polymer Ion battery with hundreds of recharge cycles
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter deep and can float (IP67)