Flat Plate
This solar collector is made of an aluminium body and has a toughened glass sheet on the top. The heart of the collector is a copper absorber plate which is selectively coated for better performance. This plate absorbs the maximum possible heat from the sun and passes it to the water. The collector box is well-insulated to prevent any heat loss.
Tube Collector
An evacuated tube acts as an absorber in this type of solar water heater. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes with a vacuum in between, which acts as an excellent insulator. The incident solar radiation falling on the tube passes through the outer transparent tube and strikes the inner tube. It absorbs the heat energy and then passes it to the cold water flowing in the tube.
How does the water stay warm?

In this the water in the storage tank circulates continuously through the collectors, based totally on the natural flow of water due to diŸfference in specific gravity of hot and cold water. It does not have to rely on electricity and is a simple and maintenance free system. However in this system, the temperature cannot be controlled and as hot water is drained from the tank, it is replaced by fresh cold water, leading to some amount of mixing.

Forced Flow

The flow in this system is controlled through a control panel and pump. The cold water is circulated through the collectors and allowed to stay there until the set temperature is reached. Only then does the pump come on and push the heated water into the storage tank. The entire system is automated and hence it has to rely on electricity supply. In this system the temperature can be controlled, and water in the storage tank at any given time is at the set temperature only.

Hot water during non-sunny days too!

The insulated storage tank can be fitted with an optional heating element
which will allow the system to function all-year-round.

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"Agni Solar has been installing solar water heating systems for our residential projects at Thane since 2004. We keep going back to them for installations at our new buildings and I think that speaks for itself."
Kishore Suplekar
Hiranandani Constructions Ltd.
“We are very happy with Agni’s solar water heating system installed at our Chakan plant since August 2012. It continues to perform well and save us energy costs.”
Subhash Gadage
Bajaj Auto Ltd., Chakan Plant
"We have purchased a 15,000 LPD system from Agni Solar, in the year 1999 and are extremely satisfied with the product. The product is reliable with a very prompt service backup, and we would highly recommend the product to others in the future."
Manish Tejani
Owner Dreamland Hotels, Mahabaleshwar
We have installed a solar PV system with battery back-up at our bungalow over 5 years ago. It takes care of most of our lighting and fan load. We are proud to be a solar power producer and self-sufficient in our electicity requirements.
Shrikunj Bungalow

"We'd like to thank Agni for their professionalism, savings on our power bills and helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.We would also like to recognise their competent staff Ajit. If we had a question or concern about installation, product knowledge or warranty issues they were very responsive and accommodating.We would highly recommend them for installation of solar power in households."

Aneeshya and Mohnish Aurora

Solar Fact

A solar water heating system of 100 Litres saves 1 tonne of CO2 emissions per year.

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