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Agni Solar has been around for 22 years in the solar industry. We would not have been in the business for so long if we didn’t care for our customers and backed up the products with efficient after-sales service.

We are qualified and committed to maintain your solar system and we’ll stay by your side for the life of the product.

No shortcuts,
only customised,
dedicated service

At Agni we believe in the strength of integrity. We make promises that we can keep, and we keep our promises.

Our systems are customised to fit your need and not the other way around. This flawless integration allows you to transition from one source to another effortlessly.

When you choose an Agni Solar system, you choose world-class design, sound engineering, superior product, impeccable installation, dedicated service and of course, peace of mind.


Our trained and experienced personnel are always available to ensure that you get the support that you need. We offer you regular maintenance and servicing of your solar system, irrespective of whether we have installed your solar power system, or somebody else has.

Whether we installed it or someone else did,
we still care.

We don’t service just our systems. Whether you use an Agni system or any other solar system, we are there to maintain it for you.

What matters most for us is that you continue to get uninterrupted electricity and heating, day after day, every day and you maximise your use of solar energy.

What our customers have to say...

Clover Park View society

“Once we signed the AMC with Agni, we have stopped worrying about the system. Their qualified engineers visit us like clockwork and conduct a thorough inspection. We have renewed the contract thrice already and we don’t see a reason to change the service.”

"As an international centre in India, we were quick to adapt to using solar energy for water heating purposes. Many of our panels are almost 10 years old now. To keep them working and up to date, we put an AMC with Agni Solar in place. Since then, we have had very minimal issues compared to before. Whenever we do have issues with hot water not working, Agni is quick to visit, check and make the necessary fixes. Agni Solar has also helped in providing us with information about other forms of solar energy that we might be able to use at our centre."
Christa Ochocki
Deputy World Centre Manager Operations, Sangam World Centre
"Agni Solar has been installing solar water heating systems for our residential projects at Thane since 2004. We keep going back to them for installations at our new buildings and I think that speaks for itself."
Kishore Suplekar
Hiranandani Constructions Ltd.
“We are very happy with Agni’s solar water heating system installed at our Chakan plant since August 2012. It continues to perform well and save us energy costs.”
Subhash Gadage
Bajaj Auto Ltd., Chakan Plant
"We have purchased a 15,000 LPD system from Agni Solar, in the year 1999 and are extremely satisfied with the product. The product is reliable with a very prompt service backup, and we would highly recommend the product to others in the future."
Manish Tejani
Owner Dreamland Hotels, Mahabaleshwar

"We'd like to thank Agni for their professionalism, savings on our power bills and helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.We would also like to recognise their competent staff Ajit. If we had a question or concern about installation, product knowledge or warranty issues they were very responsive and accommodating.We would highly recommend them for installation of solar power in households."

Aneeshya and Mohnish Aurora
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