Yes to Solar

By choosing solar power you have already taken the best decision to power your life. Empower it further by partnering with Agni Solar.

A perfect solar system

At Agni Solar, we are at the forefront of solar technology, having pioneered it nearly two decades earlier. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to our customers, bringing to them innovations and newer ways to harness the abundant energy of the sun.

Committed to your needs

We are an established business, and have spent the last many years perfecting our technology and levels of customer service. We look at the next 20, or more, years as an opportunity to expand and excel at our core offering of solar technology. Our customers can only expect us to get better with time.

The core of our strength

Like the sun, our business too evolves from a place of purity and reliability. Every promise we make, every installation we undertake, we strive to bring our best through to you. Our engineers and service staff have been trained to be torchbearers for our philosophy of integrity.

Customised to your needs

We don’t have a one-solution-fits-all approach. Every project we undertake is treated as a separate project with specific requirements and challenges. We understand the needs of the customer and propose a solution that works just right.

One, two, three. Go solar!

In three simple steps you can get closer to lowering your electricity bills and also reducing your carbon footprint. Going solar was never this easy.

(1) Consultation
We spend time understanding your needs before proposing a solution. Our trained engineers will take an appointment to come and survey your site at a time convenient to you. Our study takes into account various parameters such as the orientation and slope of the roof, site conditions and integration into your existing system. We then propose a customized system that will work for you.
(2) Installation
The next stage is the actual design. We do not believe that there is one unique solution. We take into account the survey report and design a solution for your specific requirement. At a day and time suitable to you, our engineers will come to your location and install the system. We can install the system in a matter of days and then test its performance thoroughly. Only after we are completely satisfied is the system handed over to you to begin benefiting from right away.
(3) Operations & Maintenance
Our job does not end here. This is a lifetime commitment and we are in constant touch with you to monitor the working of the system. Signing up for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Operations and Maintenance (O&M), helps us ensure that your systems are working efficiently and without glitches. We also teach you basic tips for conducting a self-maintenance. However, should anything go wrong, we are always a call away.
Nothing but the best.

At Agni, we guarantee you the best system possible.

Our technology has been tried and tested, several times over, for the last 20 years. Moreover, we are always looking for newer ways to improve and evolve.

This ensures we offer our customers, systems that last longer than most others in the market today.


Choose a plan that works for you

Your can purchase the equipment and install the entire system instantly. However you will have the flexibility to pay the total cost in parts over a period of time, up to 7 years.(Finance options will be made available through leading commercial lenders)


We can install the roof top solar system completely free of cost to you. You will only pay per unit of electricity consumed, and depending on your cost of grid power, you may even pay lesser for solar power. We shall sign a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with you, safeguarding you against any price rise for the next 20 years.


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